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Welcome to Eyewatch

Eyewatch Protection is based in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, and will employ any number of individuals for fulfillment of security services on any given contract. Specializing in armed and unarmed security guard services, Eyewatch Protection provides 24/7/365 security services to clients that include public and private industry. Eyewatch Protection offers comprehensive, client-specific solutions in the security guard staffing line of business, providing teams of fully qualified key personnel and corporate resources to guarantee on-site presence, and consistent staffing practices to ensure continuous coverage to fulfill the needs and expectations of our clients. Our corporate staff is committed to employing dedicated and talented management that are team-focused, with a solid organizational structure and robust employee screening and training plan that enables consistent delivery of quality services.

Because of our leaderships’ ten (10) years of experience in security services, we understand the vital role security guard services plays in providing comprehensive security and control in and around the properties and common areas, as well as controlled access points. Through our experience in providing certified armed and unarmed security guard services, we have developed an expertise and streamlined system to successfully manage labor pools in a variety of high-level and highly secured situations.

At Eyewatch Protection we recognize that success begins with the experience of leadership, and flows down to the key managers and security leads. This is critical to meeting our clients’ business needs. Our many years have taught us that successful managers/supervisors possess outstanding skills in four key areas:

Our Mission

Is committed to ensure that our clients receive dedicated and talented security service that is team-focused, with a solid organizational structure and work plan that enables delivery of quality services.

Our Vision

Is to build total brand value by innovating to deliver client value and appreciation faster, better and more completely than our competition. This is supported by two fundamental principles that provide the foundation for all of our activities: Organizational Excellence and Core Values.

Five Principles

Eyewatch Protection success is driven by five principles.

1. Maintaining continual client relationships

2. Adhering to Company and Industry-recognized guidelines and laws

3. Continuously developing new and better service offerings though training initiatives

4. Enforcing the implemented business model in all aspects of day-to-day operations

5. Implementing new and emerging technologies to provide better security service.

The leadership and management of Eyewatch Protection, is reflected in the experience and outcomes of our contracts, and satisfied Client base. Our team consists of fully qualified key personnel and dedicated and talented leadership, which enables the delivery of quality security services for any contract. Eyewatch Protection has a strong record of providing quality personnel backed by exceptional client service, and the capability and intent to deliver all the proposed services using Eyewatch Protection officers.

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