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Here at Eyewatch Protection we value absolute quality assurance when offering our services. This commitment and determination we share as a competent unit is adhered to every single crevice of our establishment. It is embedded in not only our policy but our work ethic. The resources of our security at Eyewatch Protection holds those affiliated with the company responsible to the Quality Assurance and continues to perfect our network through current training. The quality controls of Eyewatch Protection extends to vigorous backround investigations, insurance requirements in addition to the persistent continual assessment and rating reflecting performance. The success of Eyewatch Protection is our competent professional uniformed security officers and equally competent services. We take pride in providing security services in proficient attire. Any sort of establishment or home can feel confident in our services. Our Eyewatch Protection team make sure to visit all posts for quality control reasons and to make sure our customer’s requests are met. We operate twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week for any questions or concerns. Eyewatch Protection makes it our duty to efficiently defend any property, as we believe it is of the utmost importance. First and foremost, however, we work to earn our customer’s full trust.


To protect our clients is our first and foremost objective – an objective in which we are always successful. To provide top quality protection is our primary priority by all means. This policy not only adheres to the protection of your property and assets, but it also extends to the structure and building of your program. At Eyewatch Protection, security is one with integrity and honor. Our badges is an accurate representation of the words we live by. With our integrity and our honor we vow to keep you safe and fully protected at all times – every time.


If you find that your growing business is in dire need of competent security equipped with a investigative unit or if you are just in need of a replacement of one your less than stellar employees means little – as you will always need dependable, reliable and capable security officers to complete their daily objectives in addition to an advanced establishment to manage such a stressful process effortlessly for you. Regardless of the size and status of companies, the resources of quality security is needed by hundreds of clients as each day passes. We are that company that can offer both quality security and a trusted partnership to ensure protection.


Facility / Building Security

Workplace Violence Protection

Corporate Retreats

Workplace Violence

ATM Escort

Estate Security

Film and Entertainment

Political Functions

Home Owners’ Associations

Emergency Services


Fire Watch

*Customizable security strategies to fit your unique circumstances and needs.

Capable security officers that have undergoned extensive training, received their license by State-Certified Schools.

These Security officers are professional and experienced. with backgrounds in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military with EMT and Paramedics background.

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